Lucainena de las Torres, the village


Lucainena de las Torres belongs to the association of the most beautiful villages in Spain

The original name of the town was Lucainena de las Siete Torres, by the presence of seven watchtowers from the sixteenth century that were distributed around a main tower that defended the town. Later the name was simplified to Lucainena de las Torres.

In the nineteenth century, major changes began to occur which had provided a new a large economic increase. Since 1896, a series of iron seams are exploited intensively, the products of which are sent by a mining railway built for this purpose. However the depletion of the reefs and the change of the European economic cycle after the First World War caused the abandonment of the activity.

Nowadays this is a thriving village which has prospered from tourism.  It is a very pretty place, and we recommend a stroll along its traditional streets. The village has been recognised by the Provincial Tourist Board - it was granted a 'Beautiful Village' award in 1998.

Places of interest

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Routes in Lucainena de las Torres

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  • PR A 331 - Los Marchales, read more