For the enjoyment of our  guests and visitors we organize craft and environmental workshops and courses, for both children and adults. We help to promote local crafts and culture by organizing small markets, exhibitions, concerts, wine and regional products tastings, informative workshops on customs in our region and cultural walks on trails in our town. We can also organize all the cultural activities that you might propose us.


Cultural and gastronomic route

Cultural route along the local trail SL- A 62 mining area in Lucainena de las Torres,  the seal of One of the most beautiful towns in Spain, with tasting of local products and paella.


Cultural route and plus food 25€


  • The price does not include drinks. 


The route is 6.3 km long. It runs along the Green Track, the urban area, where the Church of Nuestra Señora de Montesión stands out), passes by the old mines and the calcination oven. 8 large ovens show how important mining activity was in this municipality since 1894. The route continues through the town center, next to the laundry and watering hole, still in use, leading to the Lavadero spring from Marchal. Then it continues through the “Huertos” area, where you can see among some centuries-old carob trees, and ends again in the Green Path, which was the one that transported the mineral extracted from Lucainena to Aguamarga.


The recommended footwear are hiking boots and clothing appropriate to the weather, and of course it is advisable to bring a camera.


Recommended time:

All year round, although it is not advisable to do the route on extremely hot days.
Distance of the route: 6.3 Km.


Means of Locomotion: Walking


Difficulty level: Low.


Tracks in Lucainena de las Torres, Sierra Alhamilla:

  • SL A 62 - Mining path, read more
  • Green Track of Lucainena de las Torres, read more
  • PR A 331 - Los Marchales, read more