Tabernas Desert

We all know the Desert of Tabernas, although we do not know it, we know it because we have seen it in dozens of advertisements and movies, from Indiana Jones to Game of Thrones, passing through a multitude of spots and photos for magazines, fashion, cars, drinks among other. The film and advertising industry finds here the most unusual backgrounds in the European geography.

The Tabernas Desert is located in the north of the city of Almería, between the Sierras de los Filabres and Alhamilla.

Gullies, slopes, streams and boulevards. Desert and desolation. Landscape transported from the rich seabed of the Mediterranean is considered to be the only proper desert area of the entire European continent.

The flora presents a high number of endemisms exclusive to the area and rare species worldwide, which only appear here and in other places of identical characterization.

Due to the richness of its birdlife, this area was declared a Birds Special Protection Area. These can be seen especially in the courses of the boulevards or on the walls, where they refuge and nest.

Also in this singular place there live the reptiles like the red lizard, stair snake or the ocean lizard; and mammals such as the fox, rabbit, the famous dormouse and the two species of Spanish hedgehogs, the moorish and the common.

Under the landscape hides a natural museum, on a real scale, alive and unique in the European context for its interest in the study of erosive and geological processes. It is possible to observe micro craters caused by the impact of raindrops, fairy chimneys, furrows, gullies, sismites and fossil reefs.