Whilst staying at the cortijo, you will be able to enjoy outdoor activities and also activities in the water, underneath the earth and under fire.

Routes for walking and cycling

Information about routes with a map Free
Rent of bikes 10€ / day
Transfer to / from the routes 10€ / person

The Green Track (Vía Verde) of Lucainena de las Torres

The Vía Verde seeks to relive the mining past of the area, redeveloping the route of the old railway to convert it into a place of recreation and leisure, where you can walk and enjoy the beautiful scenery. It begins in Lucainena de las Torres, from the old building of the mining company (now a college) and ends at the bridge Saltador in Rambla Honda. The Vía Verde has length of 5.5 km and is suitable for walkers, cyclists including people with reduced mobility. There is the possibility of extending the path by the road of La Rambla Honda to Polopos - 7km more.

SL A 62 - mining path

The route has a length of 6.3 km. It starts next to the Green Track (although you can leave from the Town Hall square) and passes through the old mines and calcination ovens. 8 big ovens make us realise how important the mining activity was in this area at the end of the 19th Century. Passing the ovens the route continues through the town centre, next to a laundry and waterhole, still in use, and leads to Lavadero de Marchal.  It than continues trough the area of the "Huerta" where you can see, between some farmhouses, centuries old carob trees, and ends again in the Green Track.

PR A 331 - Los Marchales

The route is about 13km. The first stretch of the path traverses the  Green Track completely, the second goes through Rambla Honda and Rambla de los Morales and rises toward Paraje de los Morales. During the whole climb you can enjoy the views towards Peñón of Lucainena to one side and Paraje de Marchal and Vega Lucainena de las Torres to the other. The route ends with a stroll through the streets of Lucainena de las Torres.

Other routes:

Lucainena de las Torres to Turrillas - 8km
Lucainena de las Torres to Sorbas by Cortijo la Cantona - 23km
The mines and calcination ovens - 2.5 km

Recommendations: Footwear has to be comfortable and clothing appropriate to the climate and type of activity. You are advised to bring sun protection in the summer, water and camera throughout the year.

Circuit in Tabernas

Total length: 4025 Metres, straight sections: 2390 Metres, maximum width avalible: 12 Metres, minimal width avalible: 10 Metres, 13 Curves: 8 curves of right, 5 of left and a chicane, 14000 square metres of paddock (more others 2000 of paddock auxiliary), 20 boxes (6x8m) equipped with shower and bath, control tower, 7000 metres of service and emergency road, emergency hospital managed by Clinica Mediterraneo and Asisa.  Bar: Daily menu service, cafe and television. WiFi service in all the enclosure.


Cortijo was built in the second half of the nineteenth century. In the 1950s, the current kitchen was used as a school room for local children. During the years 2011 and 2012 we restored it completely according to the aesthetics of the typical houses in Andalusia. We opened to the public from the 1st of September 2012.